Behind our Heartfelt Jewelry

VALOOSA’s Heartfelt Collection jewelry is designed by Far Fetched in California, and hand crafted by artisans in central Mexico.

Far Fetched is a Fair Trade company. They aspire to create heartfelt, inspiring handmade jewelry, rich in culture and craft, made of real materials, while using conscientious business practices.

Their jewelry is hand crafted by artisans in their homes located in the mountains of central Mexico. Far Fetch’s goal is to give back to the artisans through an array of programs that are intended to improve their standards of living and offer them opportunities for growth. Some of the programs that they sponsor include access to a centralized shop facility, classes on new techniques and safety, equipment consignment, school incentives for the artisans’ children, and donating to local causes. They support fair wages, education, and community involvement.