Infused Olive Oil Variety - (8 Bottles) (Two 4 Packs)

Certified Organic, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed, and absolutely delicious!

A delicious accompaniment to bread, or used to add robust flavor to recipes.
  • Each 4 pack includes:
    • 250 ml bottle with dried garlic
    • 250 ml bottle with mixed peppercorn
    • 250 ml bottle with dried chili
    • 250 ml bottle Nabali plain olive oil
  • Keep one and share one!
  • $7.50 per bottle
  • Made in Palestine

Where did this olive oil come from?  These olives were cultivated, pressed, and packaged by the men and women members of Fair Trade cooperatives in Palestinian villages that product fair trade goods. These farmers rely on the production of their land and olive trees for they livelihood. To better support these communities of farmers, olive oil packaging is done locally within their community. Meet them here.

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