Organic Green Olives (6 Jars case)

Hand picked from the native Nabali olive tree. 

Pickled in the traditional Palestinian method with water, lemon juice and salt by our women's cooperatives that produce fair trade products.

  • Grown in the terraced olive groves of the West Bank areas of Jenin, Nablus, Salfit and Ramallah
  • Our organic olives are jarred without the use of caustic soda or any chemicals to halt the fermentation process. This allows the olives to continue to ferment gradually over time, which leads to a very small amount of off-gassing. You may see this in the gradual expansion of the center of the lid on the jar after several months. They are still perfectly safe for consumption. Olives like these are served with every meal in Palestine
  • Only $5.33 per jar
  • Made in Palestine

Let's go meet some of our fascinating women producers, and hear their stories. Click here.

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