Artisans of UNIQUE from Rajathan

Many of our bags are created by a talented group of artisans specializing on the stitching of bags and other items. It’s a small collective of approximately 25 artisans from the urban areas of the colorful land of Rajasthan. Both men and women work together in the organization.

Fine stitching is the specialty of these artisans, many who are tailors by profession. The products are made from locally sourced cotton fabrics, many times created by our other artisan groups (e.g. wood block printed fabrics). Many of the artisans start working when they are young and full of energy. The organization aims to guide them and help them achieve a better future. They are given training on stitching, the specific art that allows them to work with the group for a long time.

Fair Trade helps these artisans get fair wages as well as work in a fair and comfortable working environment. They are constantly given design help so they can have up to date products that appeal to a North American market, ensuring that they have sustained employment.