Fine Jewelry from Nepal

Our "Nepal Boutique" collection comes through our partners who primarily exists to support socially minded artisans in Nepal find markets in North America. However knowing that poverty is so pervasive in Nepal, they are committed to providing 5% of their profits to programs that help to empower women and children - statistically the most vulnerable groups.

They have begun by supporting a group of out-of school children of female micro-entrepreneurs (vegetable and fruit sellers, etc.) in Kathmandu, allowing parents to work while knowing their children are receiving an education in school and not roaming the streets.

Your purchase of this collection helps to support a fair trading relationship with our Nepalese partners. This includes:

  • Developing markets for their goods
  • Keeping their craft traditions alive
  • Encouraging suppliers to move towards a fair trade model of business
Silver jewelry making  is traditionally a male activity in Nepal amongst men of lower castes. This art form is normally passed down through the generations, from father to son. We ensure all our jewelry is fair trade by evaluating how groups are managed and how they support their workers in a positive, safe and ethical work environment.

Because this jewelry is all handcrafted means that no two pieces are identical.

 Only the highest quality Silver is used. All our pieces are stamped with a guarantee that artisans have used a minimum of 92.5% Silver. An additional 3 to 7.5% copper has been added to strengthen the silver.

All of our " Nepal Boutique" jewelry pieces are nickel free.