From Grass to Handbags!

That’s right, from grass to handbags, bird-houses, and other beautiful products!

These handbags and our bird-houses are made in a sustainable ways, and the most intriguing thing about them is that they are made from Rush Grass. This grass thrives on high acidity soils with poor drainage.

These products are made in Cambodia, they are designed and produced by a cooperative that employs over four hundred artisans throughout Cambodia who collaborate in the production of this creative and stylish product.

Instead of putting undue pressure on prices and seeing quality suffer, the cooperative provides an upward bias in favor of its workers in Cambodia. This is perhaps the primary reason its baskets and purses are as extraordinary as they are.  Their entire business model is progressive as well; they provide a healthcare safety net program, yearly dividends, and schooling options in varying degrees depending on the level of participation of their makers in Cambodia.  All these things contribute to produce a quality product that reflects the satisfaction and the growing esteem of their talented makers.