Vishwakarma Artisans of Northern India


The artisans behind the creation of our Color Splash bags are creative and innovative people that inhabit the harsh, desert region of northwestern India. This desolate area is unfit for farming, and therefore a land of little opportunity. Many artisans, when faced with these challenges, decided to migrate to the cities and work doing low-level, poorly paid manual labor. Others were lured to the promising, “stable”, yet dangerous and poorly paid jobs of sweat shops.

As an alternative, many artisans decided to create a cooperative that has benefited from Fair Trade principles. These artisans create beautiful products, such as bags and cushion covers, by stitching together scraps from the textile industry. These scraps can have printed designs on them, embroidery, mirror work or other kinds of details, making them look very beautiful and intricate. When the bag is finished, it is made functional thanks to the design help that these artisans have received. They are able to add cell phone bags, pockets for money, etc. At the same time, the recycled nature of the bag helps keep the costs down, since the labor is mostly reserved for the stitching of the bag.

Income generated by these products sustains a dignified lifestyle for the artisans and makes smiles bloom in the desert! Most of the people benefited are women who are able to become independent, respected decision makers in their communities. By supporting this group, you are also supporting green practices, since the artisans are recycling fabrics that would otherwise go to waste.