Mug of Galilee

The mosaic depicted on this mug resembles the church of the Multiplication in the holy town of Tabgha near the Sea of Galilee.

This ceramic mug is a fair trade product created by Palestinian artisans in the Holy Land using traditional techniques. The image on the mug is hand painted and depicts fish and loaves of bread, referring to when Jesus stood by the Sea of Galilee and fed a crowd

Size: 4" x 3"

Made in the Holy Land.


The story behind the mosaic:

The earliest recording of a church commemorating Jesus' feeding of five thousand is by the Spanish pilgrim Egeria circa 380.

"Not far away from there (Capernaum) are some stone steps where the Lord stood. And in the same place by the sea is a grassy field with plenty of hay and many palm trees. By them are seven springs, each flowing strongly. And this is the field where the Lord fed the people with the five loaves and two fishes. In fact, the stone on which the Lord placed the bread has now been made into an altar. Past the walls of this church goes the public highway on which the Apostle Matthew had his place of custom. Near there on a mountain is a cave to which the Savior climbed and spoke the Beatitudes." The Holy Land. By Jerome Murphy-O'Connor.

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