Olive Oil - from Nabali Trees (6 Bottles)

From the native olive tree of Palestine, this olive oil is fruity with medium body, with a sweeter and more buttery flavor than other olive oils.
  • Certified Organic, Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed
  • Harvested from fair trade orchards in the West Bank areas of Jenin, Nablus, Salfit, and Ramallah
  • This fair trade product is sustainably farmed in the traditional manner from family trees on ancient stone terraces
  • $16 per bottle, 6 bottles per case, 500 ml per bottle
  • Or, $23 per can, 1 Liter recloseable tin can case, 6 per case
  • Made in Palestine

Meet one of our partners Rwada Kader, she's an olive oil producer, and hear what she has to say.

See it in production here.

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