Mixed Huipile Patchwork Quilt - New Design

Made from a consistent blend of large embroidered patches [with no circular center huipile]. The designs embroidered into either of these quilts will leave you breathless!

Like a great work of art, you will see something new and extraordinary every time you look at it. Cotton with a Poly backing. An absolutely unique work of art.

Here's how the Guatemalan artisan women make this:

The patches come from the fabric the women have sewn to make their skirts and "huipiles," traditional hand-woven and embroidered blouses that Mayan women originally began wearing around the time of the Spanish conquest. The women then move the patches around until they have a design which is pleasing to them and satisfies a basic pattern and color scheme. They will then double stitch each patch to make the quilts durable. Some of the quilts are then dyed [with vegetable dyes] to reinforce the overall color scheme, and finally they sew a solid colored backing onto it to complement the color scheme, which is double stitched in place too. 

Because this is hand made, variations in color and imperfections are to be expected.

Sizes: King 104" x 94"
Queen 94" x 94"
Hand Made in Guatemala

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