Stray Seaweed Necklace

Our artisan sees elegance in a stray seaweed freshly drifting with the waves, then uses his skills to make us see the same.

Like no other, this unique handmade necklace started as seaweed, gathered by the artist from the Pacific beaches in Panama. He then cured it and hand-shaped it to embody the undersea world from whence it came. Hung on adjustable wax twine with two marble stones.

Artisan Antonio Rodreguez lives on the outskirts of Panama City with his wife and two children. He has been fascinated by fine art since childhood, when he learned to create artisan crafts from his father. He and his brother are now building his home themselves and hope to occupy it by the summer of 2014.

Pendant size:  2.5" x 2"

Hand Made in Panama.

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